Don't Throw the Bums In

* Republicans Turn Abortion into a Perpetual Fund Raiser: just like the Democrats use the poor and have policies that exacerbate poverty.

* Republican Politician Ken Buck: Ken Buck says its not the right time to support personhood because the judges are pro-choice, and that if elected he will confirm pro-choice judges.

* Callers Jim and Will from Denver: Jim asks Bob about what kind of challenge will occur after a state personhood amendment passes. Will is upset with Bob because Ken Buck supports child killers.

* Check out this quote atop the website:

“Anyone who accuses the legislative council staff [who wrote the Blue Book] of bias,
will be ejected from this hearing.” -Chairman Terrance Carroll opening the only public hearing

* Burning Buildings and Half a Loaf: You've read this article, no? Burning Buildings and Half a Loaf! You've got to! Then you can answer Will from Denver. :)

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