Caller Supports Repubs Who Kill Some Kids

* Brief Discussion of Execution and Monetary Policy: is followed by a debate with a caller on morality and political strategy. (Summary: Jim is upset with Bob Enyart because Ken Buck kills some children.)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing* Bob Debates Jim from Parker: Jim from Parker is a pro-lifer, and a Christian, but inexplicably and in rejection of Jesus' Mat. 7:15 warning claims that the wolf is more dangerous than the wolf in sheep's clothing. Why then would the wolf take the time to dress up, if not to become more deadly? Not that Jim actually believes his claim, but he intuitively realized that his defense of Republicans who kill children would crumble if he admitted this obvious truth.

* Jim, Which Party Gave Us Roe v. Wade? Jim correctly guessed the Republicans, with the author Harry Blackmun and the seven-of-nine Republican-majority court issuing Roe.

* Jim, Which Administration Gave More Money to Abortionists? Jim didn't want to answer, but didn't dispute the truth that the "pro-life" Republican George W. Bush administration gave hundreds of millions of dollars more to the nation's largest abortion chain than did the Democrats during the eight years of the Clinton administration.

* At This Point Jim Tried to Distract the Audience with Claims He was being Silenced: Bob gave Jim plenty of air time to complete dozens of sentences, and even full paragraphs of his ideas. Yet even though Jim interrupted Bob significantly more often than Bob had interrupted him (which was fine with Bob, because the discussion was flowing the way such interactions normally proceed), Jim began to complain that Bob did not let him complete his sentences. When Jim began this accusation, it was untrue. When Jim repeatedly continued this diversion tactic, trying to distract the audience from his failing argument and getting them to focus instead on his false claim that he wasn't permitted to complete his sentences, Bob then decided to put Jim on hold a couple times to move the discussion forward. Thankfully, Jim tolerated this and the discussion did continue for a time. (In the classic BEL video filmed on location, Live from Las Vegas, Bob debated many opponents, one of whom used Jim's technique, for as soon as he realized he was losing the debate, he began repeatedly claiming that Bob wasn't giving him time to talk; so in post production, the program's editor put a digital clock on the screen and allowed it to keep time for the viewers to see that he had received a large percentage of the available debate time.) We've invited Jim to come back on the show if he'd like, but not to have a testosterone-laden spitting contest but to challenge one another's ideas. Jim began by rejecting Bob's one-sentence introduction that the two men disagree over what to do about, "Republican candidates who advocated killing some children," and by the time Jim was getting especially annoyed, "Stop cutting me off, dang it.," Bob decided to end the call. But before that Bob asked this:

* Jim, After the Republicans Filled the Federal Judiciary, Was it Pro-Life or Pro-Choice: Jim did not dispute that, by the end of Bush's second term, the Republicans had placed 60% of the judges on the federal bench, making the federal judiciary overwhelmingly "pro-choice." (Even the latest Supreme Court Justice, pro-abortion Bush nominee Sonia Sotomayor, was put on the federal bench by President George H. W. Bush and seated on the top court by a bipartisan promotion of Bush's judge by Barack Obama and with confirmation votes from a number of Republican senators including Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, and Richard Lugar.)

* Ben from Denver Agreed and Refuses to Vote for Child-Killing Republicans: Thanks Ben!

* Additional Thoughts on Jim's Call: Jim effectively rejected Bob's plea that God's enduring moral command Do not murder must be absolutely adhered to, whereas he posited his own absolute tactical command, that Christians should only refuse to vote for pro-choice Republicans in the primary, but they're never to do so in the general election. So, Jim has no problem with requiring absolute obedience, but not to God nor His command Do not murder, but to Jim's own strategy and partisan politics. And when Bob said to Jim that God tells us what we "need" to do, and that Jim can suggest his ideas, but he doesn't have the authority to come up with rules to tell Bob or others how they "need" to vote, Jim disagreed.

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