Telethon Tremor as Obama Bows

* BEL Earthquake Warning Policy: Over the last 20 years, BEL has had accurate predictions regarding the spread of HIV in America, recognition of abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer, that global warming is a fabricated crisis, etc. Now, it turns out that BEL's Earthquake Warning Policy for governments is spot on also. Consider:

Bob Enyart participated in an Age of the Earth Debate six years ago. After the debate, a geophysicist asked, if the earth were young and recently experienced a global flood, that would mean that geologists should give governments greater warnings about earthquake risks. Do you think we should? Bob answered yes, governments should be warned of earthquake risks greater than that predicted by old-earth assumptions.

Since that debate on Feb. 28, 2004 the world has not only seen the recent quakes that made the headlines like in Italy and Haiti, but three of the top ten most powerful quakes in the last 100 years have hit since that recent debate:
- 2004-12-26 Mag. 9.1 Off Coast of Sumatra
- 2005-3-28 Mag. 8.6 Northern Sumatra
- 2007-9-12 Mag. 8.5 Southern Sumatra
And as the NY Times has reported, in the last two weeks we've had more than a thousand miniature quakes in Yellowstone.

Since 9-11, when the terrible casualty count was about 3,000 dead from terrorism, governments have spent more than a trillion dollars attempting to minimize the risk of further such deaths. In contrast, the quake deaths in the few years since our debate stand at 612,070, dead, from earthquakes (462,000 through 2009 plus the estimated 150,000 in the Port-Au-Prince area). That's more than 100,000 deaths per year.

It's because of the assumption that everything is billions of years old that scientists are astonished to see so many transient occurrences in our galaxy, in our solar system, in Saturn, in the moon, and on the Earth. A thousand times over young-earth creationism is consistent with scientific observations, whereas those observations surprise old-earthers because they would never have predicted such occurrences. In contrast, Dr. Walt Brown's fabulous book, In the Beginning contains many predictions, some of which have already been corroborated.

Hopefully geologists will see the evidence constantly amassed by young-earth creationists and will allow doubt to be created in their minds. Just a few examples from Real Science Radio:
- repeated finds of soft-tissue dinosaurs
- Super Nova Remnants
- Fossils containing proteins, DNA and even living bacteria
- Heart Mountain Detachment
- Scablands
- C14 everywhere it's not supposed to be; etc.

If such doubt is created in the minds of geologists, then they will answer that geophysicists question the way Bible-believing Christians would answer it: Yes, we should warn governments of earthquake risks greater than that predicted by old-earth assumptions.

* Obama Bows Again: Guest Darrel Birkey talks with Bob about the weird phenomenon of Barack Obama bowing to world leaders, culminating this week in his bowing to the mayor of Tampa, Florida. Okaaay. Bob suggests that, like someone who protesteth too much, Obama is willing to control hundreds of millions of people and systematically tries to offset that with a display of humility.

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