The Smothers Mother

* McBurney Airs Audio of British Journalist who would Smother a Child: Doug McBurney joins Bob Enyart in studio playing the audio of the British columnist who admits that she would kill a sickly child. Bob compares that quote to a similar one on Colorado's Blue Book Alternative website, from the Amendment 62 Arguments Against section:

Planned Parenthood still celebrates their founder Margaret Sanger who described the handicapped as the “blind, deaf, dumb, mute and epileptics… this dead weight of human waste.” Many abortion defenders are in denial that Planned Parenthood’s longtime president would write these words, and experience shows that many refuse to simply click over to Google Books where they can see for themselves this cruel statement in context on page 112 in a scanned copy of her book Pivot of Civilization . Even worse though, Sanger, who is still honored through Planned Parenthood’s giving of the annual Margaret Sanger Award, wrote on page 33 of her book Woman and the New Race of babies AFTER THEY ARE BORN, that, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

* The Denver Post Survey Looks Like Intentional Fraud: Any Denver Post subscribers or advertisers who would like to consider a class-action lawsuit against the paper for intentional fraud, please:
- First see the BEL analysis of the Denver Post's 2010 Election Survey report.
- Then if you're a subscriber or advertiser and you'd consider being part of a lawsuit, please contact BEL.

10-6-10 UPDATE on Post Poll Fraud: According to a new poll, even 1 in 4 DEMOCRATS want to REPEAL Obamacare. The evidence is growing that the Denver Post perpetrated a fraud on Colorado voters trying to rob the momentum of conservatives in 2010 for life, and againt borrowing, taxing, and Obamacare

* Loveland Colorado's Official Tax-Subsidized Religious Bigotry: Bob and Doug decide that they could not impose their morality on a fellow art lover who desecrated the blasphemous art at the Loveland Museum. The following is

10-5-10: UPDATE: Loveland residents attending tonight's city council meeting report to KGOV that in fact the "Romantic Cannibals" exhibit does have an element offensive to Muslims, depicting Mohammad watching two bikini-clad pigs dancing. And here's our original report from yesterday, 10-4-10:

The Loveland Museum is displaying blasphemous artwork, using tax dollars from Governor Bill Ritter no less, portraying Jesus in a filthy, sexually perverse way. The director of the museum told Bob Enyart Live that the rumors that they were also portraying Mohammad as a homosexual were not true. In fact, director Susan Ison said that the following reports was fictitious and absolutely, "not accurate." KGOV producers now agree and have confirmed this:

Loveland Museum Now Portraying Mohammad as a Homosexual

October 4, 2010

LOVELAND, Colorado ( - A controversial work blending religious iconography and modern imagery is hanging in Colorado's Loveland Museum graphically depicting Mohammad having homosexual sex. Loveland's cultural services director, Susan Ison, defends the work saying, "I think people need to come in and see it for themselves. It is hard to take one piece in isolation," she adds. "It is in the context of an exhibit, and this one particular piece is not a stand-alone piece."

Bud Shark, who assembled the exhibit, stated: "I was surprised at how willing the Loveland Museum Gallery was to depict Mohammad too in a way that is being called obscene and pornographic." News accounts have previously reported that the exhibit, Romantic Cannibals, presented Jesus Christ in a manner that "some" found offensive. Now, regarding the museum's presentation of the prophet of Islam, Curator of Art Maureen Corey said, "Blasphemy against the Christian symbols is now commonplace but our museum showing Mohammad on the receiving end of a homosexual act, that's sure to stir debate." Corey was recently reported thanking Governor Bill Ritter for the generous grant to the museum that he made possible through Colorado's Creative Industries.

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