Bob and Doug on The Day Before

* Sign Wars, Phone Bank, and the Tank: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney talk through:
- the final 24 hours of the personhood Amendment 62 campaign,
- Tom Tancredo vs. the ChickenScooper
- who won the A62 sign wars
- the guys and gals of Personhood Colorado calling every new registered Republican voter in rural Colorado
- and the reason why California potheads are losing the effort to legalize marijuana. 

* Here's what the A62 Campaign Needs this Last Week: Check out these four vital needs for this last day's campaign push, including Calling Ten, Phone Bank, Donate, and Election Day Help!

* Bob Enyart 2010 Voter Guide:
Yes on All Colorado Amendments
- No on all Judges (clear the bench)
- Against all Dems
- Yes for all ACP Constitution Party Candidates including Tancredo and Amanda Campbell for SoS, and
- Against Ken Buck whose already broken every pro-life campaign promise he made (see including with his "Buck's Circular Failure Strategy" of saying the court's are not ready for personhood, and that he will confirm pro-choice judges. Rocket scientist.

* Viral YouTube: Amendment 62's Prolife Tea Party Vote video has passed 180,000 views!

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