RSR: Bearded Ladies & Flowering Plants

Bearded Lady* Real Science Radio looks at Creation Magazine: Bob Enyart and co-host Fred Williams have a fun time on this episode of Real Science Friday talking through the Summer 2010 issue of Creation magazine including on:
- Mar's Redness: embarrassed again, big bangers find out that Mars could turn red in less than a billion years: actually, in seven months, 9-21-09
- Flowering Plants Stand Alone: Science magazine 4-3-09, Nature magazine, the Swedish Museum and Cornell University still agree with Darwin that the evolution of flowering plants is an "abominable mystery" with DNA analysis and radiation scans of fossil plants leaving evolutionists baffled that the "ancestor just isn't there" and that they seemed to have "transformed without intermediates."
- Email from Tim Bowen: Tim asks about whether Bob has debated atheists and Fred listed a few (see below) including Eugenie Scott, Michael Shermer, ABC's Infidel Guy, and today's atheist in the news from University of Texas
- Richard Dawkins: comparing Christianity favorably to Islam
- Bearded Ladies: genetic research shows that women with a lot of facial hair are not a throwback to a hairy past but a very modern mutation
- The Giraffe's Neck: fun creationist update #276

For our Real Science Radio friends, in case you miss other BEL programs, here are some of the:
Atheists Bob Enyart has debated...
- ABC's Reginald Finley, called The Infidel Guy, from ABC's Wife Swap program; 3-26-07;
- TheologyOnline's psychologist Zakath in a 10-round moderated written online debate, also available in soft cover;
- John Henderson who wrote the book 6-15-2006;
- Carlos Morales, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc. reports on U of Texas atheists Bible-turn in program, president of Atheist Agenda 7-14-10
- Michael Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and the Skeptic Society who in a famous 73-second excerpt on BEL denied that the sun is a light, illustrating that it's tough debating atheists when they're hesitant to admit to even the most obvious common ground.

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