Election Day at K-GOV

* BEL on K-GOVERNMENT (KGOV.com) on Election Day: Bob Enyart talks about why his program fights so hard to end child killing (as though there were any other course of action that would honor God). Also Bob talked:
- about Leslie getting our governor to remove the anti-62 signs from around the capitol, and
- with Jo about the mom who saved her baby being dragged back into the abortion mill, and
- about voting against politicians like Ken Buck who put child-killing judges in office, and
- with John who refused to remove his t-shirt while voting, and
- about abortion being wrong because it's a baby and it's always wrong to kill a baby, and
- with Lana about the Republican cheat sheet that said vote No on the pro-life amendment, and
- about the video that shows Planned Parenthood's anti-science Campus Outreach Team, and
- with Kim who called Bob "honey," and somehow, got away with it.

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* Here's what the A62 Campaign Needs Today: Check out these last three vital needs for today, Election Day: Vote, Call, and Wave!

* Bob Enyart 2010 Voter Guide:
Yes on All Colorado Amendments
- No on all Judges (clear the bench)
- Against all Dems
- Yes for all ACP Constitution Party Candidates including Tancredo and Amanda Campbell for SoS, and
- Against Ken Buck whose already broken every pro-life campaign promise he made (see AmericanRTL.org/kenbuck) including with his "Buck's Circular Failure Strategy" of saying the court's are not ready for personhood, and that he will confirm pro-choice judges. Rocket scientist.

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