Personhood Mississippi Slugs ACLU in Court

* Mississippi Court Rules Against Planned Parenthood and ACLU: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney celebrate the Mississippi court ruling that rejected the abortion industry's effort to remove the personhood amendment from their state's 2011 ballot. Hear Les Riley from Personhood Mississippi being interviewed by Bryan Fischer with American Family Association radio in this video:

* Jorge Calls In from Mexico: to talk about America's and Mexico's personhood efforts to protect unborn children. Bob mentions to Jorge Hispanic pro-life leader and movie star Eduardo Verastegui; and Jorge says he's read Bob's own life's work The Plot, which has been translated into Spanish, as La Trama.Colorado boy's effort at

* Colorado Boy at 

* BEL Medical Analyst Nurse Maria Calls In: Maria rejects the argument of a Colorado social worker who wrote that kids are better off being dismembered by Planned Parenthood than by being born into suboptimal circumstances. Maria points out that she and her brother love life, and that they were born into a very difficult situation and that no one had the right to kill them, not even with the immoral excuse that they would be better off dead.

* Here's what the A62 Campaign Needs this Last Week: Check out these four vital needs for this last week's campaign push!

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