Ron Panzer vs. the Hospice Killing Fields

Hospice Patients' Ron Panzer on BEL

* America Turned into Hospice Killing Fields: Nurse Practitioner Lolita Hanks from Colorado RTL and Bob Enyart interview Ron Panzer of Hospice Patients Alliance, who wrote to Lolita: "I am thankful that someone from Right to Life of any state is paying attention to hospice euthanasia. (This is a sore point with me because I tried years ago to get the attention of the pro-life movement and was ignored. The National Right To Life Committee told me they weren't interested in the hospice killings because they were focused only on legislative change. I know that that is not how the killings are going to be implemented nationwide. It is being back-doored through hospice/palliative care and then it will just be 'recognized' as happening, and legalized nationwide, or rammed through somehow. Ten years ago I was warning about hospice being usurped by the right-to-die crowd and being made into the killing fields."

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