Birthers Anonymous on BEL

* Will Summarizes Obama Eligibility Story: Bob Enyart and BEL producer Will talk about the hillarious developments in the biggest unreported story in America: Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Saga!

CORRECTION: In April 2011 Bob acknowledged his error in believing that Obama may not have been born in Hawaii.

Post-Show Updates:
Bob Enyart Quoted
: by the Washington Times on Octomom's doc: "Bob Enyart, spokesman for American Right To Life, said he agrees with the medical board's action and insists that fertility doctors need boundaries, including treating embryos as persons rather than disposable commodities. 'Recognizing the personhood of these kids will end up protecting, doctors, their patients, and their patient's children,' he said." IS LAUNCHED! Please join the Amendment 62 personhood fight at!

Bob on Fox 31 about Scott McInnis: and plagiarism, fraud, atheists, porn, adultery, and homosexuality:

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