Al-Qaeda & Suicide Stalk America

* Avatar Blues: Guest host Doug McBurney documents that teenagers around the world are struggling with suicidal thoughts when they realize that they can’t actually dwell in the land of “Avatar”. And worse, the film seems to be giving many of these slacker youth the idea that their very existence is killing the planet and is at odds with harmony in the universe. Too bad they’ve never been told to read a good book about worlds beyond their imagination (we can recommend two, Genesis and Revelation as a start).

* You call that Transparency Joe? Joe Biden, (a leading producer of suicidal thoughts in America these days) had a meeting today with the “chief of transparency for economic recovery”. The meeting was closed to the press.

 * Moslem Terrorists are Lurking: A “credible threat” has been observed by both Yemeni officials our weakened American intelligence community, but they didn’t get it from Christmas underwear bomber Farouk “Abdul-I-Drool” Mutallab, (his lawyers ain’t talkin’). So if the teenagers of the western world can survive “Avatar”, they remain under the growing threat of Humanism, and the tangential threat of Moslem terrorists.

* Democrats to Steel the Leftist Vote: After generations of building our house of state on the sand of a popular vote, the democrat party, (the devil with his mask off) plans to undermine the hopes of the RE-publican Party, (the devil with his mask on) by registering anyone with a pulse and a welfare card to vote.

* Prominent Homo Advocate Shoots “Friend”: Bruce Lavallee-Davis, advocates homo marriage by day and shoots other homos in the head by night. He’s finally been convicted and will be sentenced to prison, where he no doubt will continue his active political career.

* Brother Can you Spare $1,000,000,000,000,000: The experts agree that if the American federal government doesn’t do something, (and quick), to restrain their profligate spending habits the dollar could be renamed the “Charmin”, interest rates could sky-rocket, investment could collapse, and Nancy Pelosi & Barney Frank may be forced to find honest work cleaning the restrooms of bath-houses across San Francisco.

* The Personhood Movement Has Exploded Into 40 States! So please help the state personhood efforts get the signatures they need to re-criminalize abortion! If you live in:
- Colorado: could you help circulate the Personhood Colorado & Colorado RTL 2010 petition? If so, just click or call 303-753-9394.
- California: please visit the CA Human Life Amendment site to get a petition and start collecting signature for the Lord and for the innocent child!
- If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?
We all need your help!

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