Hoshiko and Kiessling on BEL

* Dennis Hoshiko in Studio: Northern Colorado coordinator for the personhood Amendment 62 campaign is a sponsor of University of Northern Colorado's BEARfoot for Babies and reports on the great momentum for life growing on campus and in Greeley Colorado!

* Rebecca Kiessling in Studio: Wow. Rebecca knocks it out of the park. Every pitch. Every time. Check out Rebecca's story at her site, and her stunning list of others conceived in rape, and women pregnant by rape. And while some think that those who defend "exceptions" only are referring to "small numbers," see for example the Exceptions Calculator's count of children killed by the exceptions policies of John McCain. See also, AmericanRTL.org/rape. and tonight, listen to Rebecca in person at UNC or via live streaming as sponsored by Personhood Colorado!

Loveland Museum 10-7-10 Update: "Who am I to impose my morality on other art lovers?" -Bob Enyart, upon hearing that a Montana woman hacked and tore to pieces the blasphemous Cannibals exhibit. Here's our original report.

* The Denver Post Poll Looks Like Intentional Fraud: Any Denver Post subscribers or advertisers who would like to consider a class-action lawsuit against the paper for intentional fraud, please:
- First see the BEL analysis of the Denver Post's 2010 Election Survey report.
- Then if you're a subscriber or advertiser and you'd consider being part of a lawsuit, please contact BEL.
10-6-10 UPDATE: According to a new poll, even 1 in 4 DEMOCRATS want to REPEAL Obamacare. The evidence is growing that the Denver Post perpetrated a fraud on Colorado voters trying to rob the momentum of conservatives in 2010 to protect life and oppose borrowing, taxing, and Obamacare.

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