Chicken Little, Elton John, and Tragedy

* Obama Gives BEL-friend :) MSU's Jack Horner $140,000 in Stimulus:
- Created: 0 shovel-ready jobs.
- Reminded: us of the nursery rhyme written into this BEL show summary.

* Elton John and His Partner are Cruel to the Baby They Possess: If you love your homosexual neighbor, you'll warn him of the destruction he's embracing; if you are selfish and care more about being liked, then as he's destroying himself you'd probably say that it's none of your business. Apathy is not love.
- Related Post-show Note: Earl Fox's library lists this BEL interview with homosexual activist Wayne Besen among it's recommended resources. This brilliant Anglican priest subsequently conducted his own interview with Besen at  La Habra, California's Emmaeus Ministries. Having been ordained at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Fox went on to earn a doctorate of philosophy at Oxford and since then has ministered in Burbank, California, in Connecticut, and eventually back in California. Dr. Fox says, "There is not a single significant issue regarding our spiritual warfare concerning which Christians should be on the defensive.  Contrary to popular belief, the evidence is overwhelmingly on the side of Judeo-Christianity.  The tragedy has been that [since] the 1700's... very few Christians know how to muster evidence and pursue a reasonable defense of the Faith."

* State Senator Suzanne Williams Killed Pregnant Woman: Williams veered into on-coming traffic on a Texas highway severely injuring passengers in both vehicles and killing a pregnant woman who's child has been delivered by c-section and is in critical condition.

* Post-show Update: The criticism is storming in regarding Bob's program from yesterday on What is Money? over at the BEL Forum on TOL! Free free to comment by joining the frey!

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