Legend of CPAC Ryan Sorba on BEL

BEL friend Ryan Sorba at CPAC. (Q: What does CPAC stand for? A: Nothing, absolutely nothing.)* The CPAC Legend on BEL! Ryan Sorba, fun... gutsy... hysterical really, co-worker of the Acorn sting's James O'Keefe, condemns the liberal organizers of CPAC from the podium at a CPAC event for inviting a homosexual group to participate in their annual conference! What does CPAC stand for? To hear Sorba tell it, CPAC stands for: "Nothing." Ha! That's true. Absolutely nothing! As the CPAC attendees protest Ryan for exposing homosexuality as the destructive lifestyle that it is, Ryan said to them, "The lesbians as Smith College protest better than you guys. Come on, bring it on. The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you all!" You'll enjoy listening to Bob Enyart's interview of Ryan Sorba, reading Ryan's book, The 'Born Gay' Hoax, and hearing his comments at CPAC!

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* Today's Resource: Please consider emailing this helpful description of Focus on the Strategy II to another Christian who may be an asset in the personhood movement after viewing this groundbreaking DVD!