Under Threat of Death

* Death Threat Shakes Congress: A death threat hangs heavy over our nation’s capital today, and indeed over every burg and town, and every man, woman and child. But it’s not the phony-baloney fabrications of democrats who know they’ve committed one of the gravest crimes in American political history and are looking for a little sympathy (for the devil). This one is real and credible. And as shocking as it may sound…. Even Nancy Pelosi can escape it.

* Never Bring a Trumpet to a Gunfight: Senior Citizens are exhibiting all of the murderous and barbaric characteristics of the culture they’ve decided to tolerate. And while firmly rejecting the death penalty for playing Jazz too loud, (at most maybe 5 lashes), we examine these tales of geezer on geezer crime, and gunfights in elevators.

* Drunk and Rebellious:A 7th grade class was spared the corrosive curriculum of their school when their teacher turned up too drunk to corrupt them. But they may not be so lucky in the daze to come... So, for parents in the Denver Metro area: If you’re not yet ready to home-school, but you want to get your progeny out of the Temple of Sodom that is their government school, look upMaranatha Christian Center in Arvada.

* FLASH Massive Open Bible study:The former city of brotherly love has been plagued by “flash mobs" of late, (public school products organize themselves on Facebook, then all meet at once to break things and shoplift). Guest host Doug McBurney offers a solution to the problem, and a suggestion to turn flash mobs into edifying events.

* Personhood is the most important human rights movement of your lifetime. Will you be one who fights to end the systematic dehumanization and murder of an entire class of citizen? Or will you stay in your comfort zone? If you live in any state in America, you can advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways. If you live in Colorado join by calling or e-mailing Personhood Colorado or Colorado Right to Life.

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