Why is Wikileaks Jailed Founder a Hero?

Have You Noticed?
- Apart from God morality is only preference, polls or consensus, but no true right and wrong
- A medical "treatment" is immoral if it would kill a healthy person (i.e., withholding food)
- The communist party's controlled Chinese economy overlooked one detail: 20,000,000 wives
- Most people who despise George W. Bush wrongly think that he is a fundamentalist Christian
- Many people who despise America do so because they view it as a Christian nation
- There are so few principled heroes in America that folks fall prey to countless counterfeits
- Wikileaks appeals to those in rebellion against authority, especially, against God
- Many of Julian Assange's supporters will still praise him even if he is credibly convicted of rape

Correction: This post-show note is not correcting a BEL error (there's plenty of that on our Errata page). Rather, a kindly pro-life leader in a current Christian magazine article says the question about euthanasia is, "Simply put, 'How much is too much?'" Respectfully, that's not the question. That's an interesting but comparatively minor question that God has not even addressed in Scripture. Regarding euthanasia, the question is, "How little is too little?" And one very simple correct answer appears above, that a medical "treatment" is immoral if it is so minimalist that it would kill even a healthy person.

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