Pelosi Holds a Bible Study - Hostage

* Nancy Pelosi Holds a Bible Study:Hostage. She thinks she's saying nice things about the Word, but she says it's everything, and that would mean that the Word is disease, and absurdity, and lies, and confusion, and filth, and... and... and a gory marriage, a very inconvenient gory marriage.

* People Are Basically Good - Thus the 20th Century: No?

* Yesterday's Holiday Home Visit
: Eighteen people went to the home of a vice president of Auschweitz, the billion dollar US construction firm that built the nation's largest abortion facility in Denver. Vice President Gary Meggison interacted some and ostensibly denying that unborn children are killed in the facility he built. The Collaborator's Project warned Weitz officials that unless they pulled off the job (as a dozen other contractors had), their company officials would be protested for as many years as children were being killing in the facility built by Weitz. No child killing with tranquility!

* Today's Resource
: The Bible tells us to forgive, but does the Bible teach that we should always forgive? Can forgiveness actually harm someone? You might enjoy this 3-part BEL series on forgiveness, Bible style. The Forgiveness series is now available from our KGOV Store on MP3-CD, by MP3 download, and even in video on DVD!