KGOV's Political Spectrums

* Popular Conservative and Liberal/Leftist Political Spectrums are Wrong: Because you've made it to a web page like this one, that tells us that regardless of your perspective, you'll enjoy looking at these three contrasting spectrum charts, liberal (economics & extremes), conservative (size), and true (based upon authority flow). First, the left-wing view...

The liberal/left-wing political spectrum chart is wrong

Next, the typical and uninsightful conservative view...

The typical conservative political spectrum concept, like the liberal concept, is also wrong

And finally, the correct understanding of the political spectrum, which is based on the direction of the flow of authority...

A valid political spectrum chart (i.e., not the typical conservartive chart, and not leftist)

(Here's a single pdf containing all three charts. And also, Bob discussed this topic on a 2014 BEL program.)

Hierarchy of Hermeneutics* Chris from Englewood Free at Last: After thanking Bob for hosting a thoughtful Bible-based radio talk show, Chris admits that he was formerly afraid of the boogeyman, and now he says he's free at last! Amen Chris! Us too! Our child killer is not better than their child killer. And it's confusion on that simple point that leads many Christians to support pro-choice (with exceptions) Republicans even though the Republicans:
- wrote and passed Roe v. Wade
- filled the federal courts with "pro-choice" judges; and
- under pro-life George W. Bush gave hundreds of millions of dollars more to the nation's largest abortion chain than did the Democrats during the eight years of the Clinton administration.

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