The Most Bizarre Save Since 1967

* Dan Cram's Hissy Fit Saves a Baby: A security guard from Denver's Planned Parenthood, Dan Cram, throws a temper tantrum today and ends up saving a baby! Jo Scott and Bob Enyart discuss the most unbelievable save ever. Security guard Cram threw a hissy fit when a young woman stopped in the abortion mill's driveway to get information from Ken Scott, co-founder of Pro-Life Colorado.  When the young woman did not immediately move her car into Planned Parenthood's parking lot on Dan's insistence, Cram started banging on her car, committing vehicular assault :) As the abortion clinic is always a zoo, Dan then refused to allow the young mom onto Planned Parenthood's property, so she backed up and called 911 because she wanted to go in to keep her schedule to abort her son. For the second time this morning, cops showed up at the abortion clinic. (The first incident was when a pro-lifer called 911 about a little girl who looked 12 years old who was brought to the Planned Parenthood for an abortion, and the police, social services, etc., all refused to even investigate for suspected child sexual assault. Abortion for incest is a boon to child rapists.) Mom was told she is not allowed onto Planned Parenthood property without a specific invitation. Bizarre. As a result, mom read the literature that Ken had handed her, and called the number on the flier, and talked with Jo Scott and agreed to change her mind! So, the baby was saved, the mom is meeting with Jo tomorrow, and Dan is still on his way to hell.Coloado's 2010 Personhood Amendment 62 Logo

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