RSR: Dawkins Proves a Creationist Right!

* BEL Audio from 1997 Confirmed Now By Richard Dawkins: Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart play audio from an old Bob Enyart Live program in which Bob claimed that in Richard Dawkins' books, he just assumed evolution and he didn't give evidence. A dozen years later, Dawkins admits that in all of his previous books, he assumed, but did not provide evidence. That vindicates Bob Enyart's direct statement of a 1997 caller who was recommending that Bob read Dawkins (which Bob had done, but which the caller had not).

* Showing the Gullibility of the Evolutionist Community: The closing screen of the video makes the point. Millions believed that in his books, Dawkins was proving evolution! But now Dawkins himself admits that he wasn't even making the case. As he says, through all those titles, he only "assumed that evolution was true." This shows how gullible the secular-oriented masses are and how low is the evolution community's own standard of evidence.

* Sarfati Interview & RSF's $2,000 Offer: And remember Bob's interview with Dr. Jonathan Sarfati on his Greatest Hoax book rebutting Dawkins' latest effort. Also, Real Science Radio has already awarded $2,000 in prize money and now there's another $2,000 being offered right from our Evolve page!

* Alexdurrant7's Comment on YouTube: from a cranky evolutionist who is apparently not sure if he exists, regarding our title, Dawkins Proves a Creationist Right...
Alexdurrant7: No. Proof is only possible in the field of mathematics.
YesYouNeedJesus: Hmmm...what law or laws of mathematics would you use to prove that you exist?
Alexdurrant7: I don't think it's provable. I said proof is only possible in mathematics...
YesYouNeedJesus: Well then, does mathematics exist???

* Edward Li Comment on YouTube: i just saw a video with this bob interviewing krauss. seriously, nothing he [Bob] says makes sense..." Bob Enyart replied: "Hi Ed! Krauss says all scientists are Darwinists. At? we list educated Darwin Doubters including PhDs, scientists, and profs, including a list of 100 PhDs; another of 200 scientists; and of 300 MDs; and 600 scientist, plus 800; and 3,000 mostly PhD scientists and professors listed BY NAME AND FIELD; and 30,000 public high school biology teachers; and 100,000 college profs; and 570,000 MDs, per a pro-evolution survey, who say God brought about man! You see Krauss' error?

* Robots and Consciousness: Enyart and Williams also discuss from the latest issue of Creation magazine Robots, living fossils, and a full-size Noah's Ark replica. With Bob having studied artificial intelligence at Arizona State University, he is so thankful for Carl Wieland's article quoting Noel Sharkey, a leading AI researcher, describing the notion that computer science is nearing the time of giving self-awareness to robots as a "fairytale" and that "there is no evidence that machines will ever... gain sentience." And Bob asks Fred, a software engineer, questions about how to go about building an android, and Fred explains how a team of engineers would go about doing so... until they get to the functional spec's requirement that the android be self aware. At that point, the dynamic duo are completely at a loss for how to even think about the solution to that problem, and they suggest that atheists do not know even where to begin an algorithm that would give sentience to a computer.

* More Living Fossils: Allegedly 70-million year old flightless birds and a150-million year old sting rays leave fossils that are essentially the same as modern living species. You could fill a book (as Dr. Carl Werner has done) with examples of "Living Fossils!"

* Noah's Ark Found: in Hong Kong! Well, at least a full-sized replica build alongside a major highway approaching one of the world's busiest airports! And the beat goes on...

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- BEL's famous List of Not-So-Old Things
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- Waiting for Darwin's Other Shoe: Evolution mag's cover story Darwin Was Wrong on the Tree of Life
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- And see the RSR Offer of $2,000 to get 16 letters of the alphabet in their correct places; $500 paid in 1998; $1,500 in 2010...

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