Amendment 62 Talking Points

* This is Not Your Grandma's Pro-Life Flyer: Bob Enyart looks at the Amendment 62 Talking Points flyer. Wow! Do you realize this: Personhood will do more than any other effort to derail the godless left that is destroying America! Personhood will do far more for "conservatism" than anything that the conservatives are advocating. If you agree that the Talking Points flyer is a truly amazing brochure and that it will persuade thousands to help fight to end child killing, then please help us print 50,000 copies in order to get a 33% discount as compared to the price of a few thousand! This will be perhaps the best use of $3,000 in the history of the battle to stop abortion. Can you help? Can you fund this? If so, either call CRTL at 303-753-9394, or send a check to CRTL Issues Committee, 1535 Grant Street #303, Denver, CO 80203 or just click and give online! And remember, please check out the tri-fold Talking Points flyer!Official Amendment 62 campaign logo

* Bob Gives Details of BEL Monthly Revenue:Well, thanks to Gregg Jackson and Doug McBurney, BEL hit a milestone of monthly support on June 1st! Thanks guys, and thank you to everyone who has come alongside to fight the good fight!

* Today's Resource
: The Bible tells us to forgive, but does the Bible teach that we should always forgive? Can forgiveness actually harm someone? You might enjoy this 3-part BEL series on forgiveness, Bible style. The Forgiveness series is now available from our KGOV Store on MP3-CD, by MP3 download, and even in video on DVD!