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  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?


wiring of the human eye* Dates, Eyes, Hunting, Nice Hair, and Brains: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams, with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, have a bit too much fun on this episode of Real Science Friday presenting the latest issue of Creation magazine from Fall 2010, including about:
- Fossil wood from England dated at 25,000 years by carbon-14 embedded in 183-million year old limestone
- Diamonds from Botswana carbon-14 dated at 55,000 years old mined from rock dated 2 billion years old
- Mount St. Helens rock that should date as solidifying 30 years ago but dating 350,000 to 2.8 million years old
- Geologists say Uganda lava is just thousands of years ago but it's radioactively dated at 773 million years old
- The natural selection of hunters and fisherman taking large cod and bighorn sheep are not helping but culling DNA
- Moth eyes don't reflect light, and so once that was recognized, engineers can now make better solar cells
- Geneticists are still blown away by how the genetic code is increasingly far more sophisticated than expected
- Mammal hair found in supposedly 100 million year old amber looks surprisingly "similar" to... modern hair :)
- Richard Dawkins' eyes might be wired backward, but does he sees well enough to now understand why they are?
- Swedish computer scientists want a computer to mimic the human brain, but it would be the size of the pentagon (and would fail anyway).

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- BEL's famous List of Not-So-Old Things
- Bob's debate with Christian Darwinist British author James Hannam
- PZ Myers blogs against Real Science Radio so Bob hits back with the Trochlea Challenge
- Waiting for Darwin's Other Shoe: Evolution mag's cover story Darwin Was Wrong on the Tree of Life
- Microbiologist in Studio: Bob talks with the Creation Research Society Quarterly editor about new genetic findings
- Caterpillar Kills Atheism: describe how a bug could evolve to liquefy itself and then build itself into a flying creature
- And see RSR Offer of $2,000 to get 16 letters of the alphabet in their correct places; $500 pd in 1998; $1,500 in 2010!

* For our RSR Friends: in case you miss other BEL programs, here are some of the atheists Bob Enyart has debated:
- ABC's Reginald Finley, called The Infidel Guy, from ABC's Wife Swap program; 3-26-07;
- TheologyOnLine's psychologist Zakath in a 10-round moderated written online debate, also available in soft cover;
- TOL's member who calls himself Fool; 3-28-06;
- John Henderson who wrote the book 6-15-2006;
- Carlos Morales, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc. reports on U of Texas atheists Bible-turn in program, president of Atheist Agenda 7-14-10
- Freedom from Religion Foundation's Dan Barker (put the atheist sign near the Nativity at the capitol in Seattle) who was involved with the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, one of a group of so-called faith healers. (See a BEL listener who initially compared Bob to Benny Hinn until...) The BEL show was on 12-11-08;
- Michael Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and the Skeptic Society who in in this famous 73-second excerpt on BEL denied that the sun is a light, illustrating that it's tough debating atheists when they're hesitant to admit to even the most obvious common ground. 8-28-03

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