RSR: Gorillas, Chimps, Baboons, Ann Gibbons

and gibbons* Welcome to the REAL Science Friday: covering symbiotic relationships, diatoms, snowflakes, amazing water molecules, the relationship between faith and reason, and the latest on Mitochondrial Eve! Co-hosts Fred Williams with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, on this episode of Real Science Radio draw from the latest Answers magazine to discuss symbiosis including the relationships between Yucca moths and plants, clown fish and sea anemones, and cleaning fish and sharks!

* Mitochondrial Eve: Bob and Fred also review Ann Gibbon's 6,000-year age for Mitochondrial Eve, the mother from whom all human beings have descended, bringing that saga up-to-date. Here's how it goes. By admittedly including chimpanzee DNA among their data, evolutionists initially calculated that Mitochondrial Eve, the one woman from whom all living humans have descended, lived as long ago as 200,000 years. But in 1998, as widely reported including by Science magazine, dropping the chimp data and using actual human mutation rates, "Eve... the mother of all living" (Gen. 3:20), was now dated as only six thousand years old! See Ann Gibbon's Science article, "Calibrating the Mitochondrial Clock," the journal Nature,'s "A shrinking date for Eve," and Walt Brown's assessment. Expectedly, evolutionists have found a way to reject their own unbiased finding (the conclusion contrary to their self-interest) by returning to their original method of using circular reasoning, as reported in the American Journal of Human Genetics, "calibrating against recent evidence for the divergence time of humans and chimpanzees," to reset their mitochondrial clock back to 200,000 years. (See also Bob's article, Why Was Canaan Cursed?)

* Diatoms: Enyart and Williams also discuss diatoms that build tiny glass houses that look like beautiful chandeliers and crowns and the allegedly 180-million year old fossils that look just like today's diatoms.

Snowflakes created through God's design of nature* Snowflakes: The co-hosts describe the beautiful snowflakes created by the trillions through God's masterful design of nature! Simulating natural conditions in a lab produces similarly awesome snow crystals. (But Bob has been unable to locate photos of the snowflakes created by artificial snow canons in ski resorts, as he mentioned on this program, so if you find such, please send them along.) As water molecules attach to one end of a six-pointed star (a hexagram like the Star of David), they freeze into a pattern that matches the design on the other points, all of which is determined by humidity, temperature, the laws of physics, and the extraordinarily helpful design of the water molecule.

* Example of Water Molecule Design Benefit: If water condensed as it cooled, as do other compounds, then ice would be heavier than liquid water and rivers and streams would freeze from the bottom up, exposing and killing all the fish wherever the winters were cold enough. But God's brilliant design ensured that water would expand as it froze, providing an insulating layer for most salt and fresh-water creatures in cold climates, ensuring that their habitats remain as warm as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and 28 degrees for sea water even in the most harsh winters. So freshwater diatoms even live in Antarctica. Cohesion, including surface tension, was another important consideration God had when designing oxygen and hydrogen atoms that would combine to form the water molecule!

Clown Fish symbiosis with anemones makes impossible evolution even more obviously so...

* Faith and Reason: And consider the great article by Dr. Jason Lisle in this edition of Answers about faith and reason, looking at God's definition from the New Testament that "faith is... the evidence of things not seen." That definition itself is a metaphor, for faith is not the evidence itself, but the proper response to credible evidence.

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