RSR: Bird Brains and Trains

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Mid Atlantic Ridge forming

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  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?


Japan new train design* Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams: have a fun time on this episode of Real Science Radio talking about more articles in the Summer 2010 issue of Creation magazine including on:
- Japan's chief bullet train engineer copied God's bird design for more energy efficient, quieter, and faster trains
- Evolutionists finally admitting that some global distribution of animals occurred via floating vegetation mats
- Small dogs originated... guess where? Where all other land animals and men disseminated from: the Middle East
- Supposed ancestor Little Lucy left footprints but experiments show modern humans make identical prints
- Evolutionists surprised that "stone age" men performed successful surgery with anesthesia
- Evolutionists surprised that "stone age" men worked textiles, wove and dyed fabrics pink, gray, and turquoise
- Creation Magazine describes Jesus' nine months gestation and His human life supernaturally beginning as a single cell in Mary's womb, pointing out that while atheists reject out-of-hand the supernatural Incarnation, they believe the utterly impossibility of a first single cell arising by random occurrences. As a NY Times science writer said, "The chemistry of the first life is a nightmare to explain," because as the co-discoverer of DNA said, "so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going." Francis Crick then denied that life could have evolved on earth and argued till his death that aliens must have planted life on Earth. Right. Not God, but Martians. And if life is too complex to arise naturally on Earth, why could it arise that way on Mars, or on any other planet?

* Other Real Science Radio Programs:
- BEL's PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (since PZ blogged on Bob Enyart this summer)
- BEL's famous List of Not-So-Old Things
- Bob's debate with Christian Darwinist British author James Hannam
- Waiting for Darwin's Other Shoe: Evolution mag cover story Darwin Was Wrong on the Tree of Life
- Microbiologist in Studio: Bob talks with the Creation Research Society Quarterly editor about new genetic findings

* Today’s Resource: Have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning!