Two Reasons for Early Puberty

* Special Edition: of Real Science Radio!

* Studies Show Girls Entering Puberty Terribly Early: Among other factors, Bob Enyart and Jo Scott describe two possible reasons for this alarming development. First as often discussed, growth hormones given to animals then flow into the food supply. But secondly, kids grow up in an intensely sexualized culture, and our mind has a significant effect of course on our bodies. In the case of these young children, this psychosomatic effect results from their minds being bombarded ten thousand times with images of adults being sexual and their young minds and bodies attempting to emulate what they see. We don't expect our godless society to readily understand this however. Probably no group of young girls are as sexualized as young black children with the utter filth on music videos and throughout the black youth culture, and studies show that the highest rate of early puberty hits 7-year-old African American girls. And while the media and our secular researchers don't see these harmful effects as coming from all the sexual immorality thrown at our children, they do think it might come from plastic. As Dr. Joyce Lee from the University of Michigan said, "Kids today are exposed to plastic much more than they were 10 or 20 years ago." Yeah, it's not MTV modeling intense sexual behavior to children. It's that black kids rub more plastic into their skin than do Latinos or whites. Right.

* Creation-Evolution Replay: Bob plays a call from 1997 when an evolutionist, Tim Delaney, almost knocked Bob off his chair. After Bob repeatedly asked Tim to give one piece of evidence why he believes that evolution is true, the caller finally came up with an extraordinarily embarrassing offer... embarrassing, that is, to our public school system. He said, "human embryos have gill slits." Bob almost split his seams. Here's a summary of the gill slit thing from a Real Science Radio show from a year ago:

Atheist and Fraud Perpetrator Ernst Haeckel: created the scam drawings of a fetus to look like a fish and a reptile to support his utterly discredited "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" and according to the New York Times, March 9, 1907, ironically, he was also honored as the founder of the "Association for the Propagation of Ethical Atheism." Even Richard Dawkins admits in this video that Haeckel's drawings were faked and that today's textbooks should not be propagating his error. Yet, because the "gill slits" argument is "too big to fail", evolutionists have taken to arguing that the pharyngeal arches in both fish and human embryos make the same evolutionary point as if the embryo did have gills. However, if those arches are remnants of respiratory function from 400 million years ago, there would have been no evolutionary need to conserve them through the alleged evolutionary eons.  For example, from a leading evolutionist (as quoted by ReMine, 1993, p. 387), "There are no design constraints that require sharks and humans to have similar embryos and yet develop into completely different organisms" (Futuyma, 1983, p. 225). Yet countless times evolution allegedly exergeted such unneeded effort over hundres of millions of years.

* Too Big To Fail: Like National Geographic two years earlier, for the the PBS television series Nova still in 2009, Ernst Haeckel's fraudulent embryo drawings and related theory is too big to fail. The Darwinian media cannot be trusted on news about evolution. Without providing any illustration whatsoever, Nova implies that human and fly embryos look similar. Google Images quickly shows the enormous differences between fly embryos and human embryos. Here are the scientifically accurate illustrations the Darwin marketing reps at Nova failed to display:

Fly embryos

Human embryos









* Jo Scott is Back Saving Kids at Planned Parenthood's Abortion Clinic: Jo shared with us the good news and the bad news...

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