Miscarriage: An Eternal Perspective

* …Not Without Hope: A caller, Gordon from Littleton Colorado tells Bob about the tragic loss of a pre-born child by his daughter. While he conveys a palpable sense of loss and suffering, he also thanks Bob for his teachings regarding the unborn, personhood, the age of accountability and the eternal destiny of his innocent grandchild, lost to this fallen sinful world, but not lost to God, nor to their family in eternity.

* Lila Rose, Acorn, & Planned Parenthood: Lila Rose’s efforts against Planned Parenthood continue to bear fruit in criminal prosecutions and the cutoff of some government funding. And her leading role in the advancement of California’s Human Life Initiative continues to inspire the pro-life movement. But the effort of her former sidekick James O’Keefe against ACORN appear to have been nipped in the bud, (at least in Brooklyn) by the corrupt officials there.

* $2,100,000,000,000 Ain’t What it Used to Be: That’s because it used to be in the hands of people who earned it, and now it’s being stolen by various state, federal and local governments and distributed to people who did not earn it. Hear how the RE-Publicans and the democrats are robbing you blind, promising the world, and quite possibly running our economy into a deeper ditch than we saw in The First Great Depression. (And they are definitely running the soul of the nation into a den of thieves).

* Mitt Romney After Dark: Mitt Romney will appear on David Letterman next week. We assume that since he can no longer run his “I’m a conservative” line past Christians he’s going after a more easily bamboozled demographic.

* Personhood is the most significant social movement of your lifetime. Will you go down in history as one who fought to end the systematic dehumanization and murder of an entire class of citizen? Or will you stay on the couch in your comfort zone? If you live in any state in America, you can advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways. If you live in Colorado prepare for the possible "curing period" by calling or e-mailing Personhood Colorado or Colorado Right to Life and letting them know how many signatures you can get if they need you.

From KGOV's site-wide announcement: Personhood Mississippi & Colorado turn in 210,000 Signatures! Praise God that Don Wildmon's American Family Association and Cal Zastrow's Personhood USA worked with a thousand Christians in Mississippi and have submitted their signatures on Feb. 16th to put Personhood on the 2011 state ballot! And Personhood Colorado & CRTL submitted 80,000 signatures! When the Secretary of State's office disqualifies some of Colorado's signatures, state law gives pro-lifers a 15-day "Cure Period" to submit the final qualifying signatures. Praise God, and pass the petition! And join the Signature Swat team for the cure period which will begin soon!

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