Rerun: Earthquakes Created 365-Day Year illustration from Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory* Why Did the Earth's Rotation Speed Up from 360 to 365 Annual Rotations? (This is a rerun of our August 6, 2010 show, RSR: How Earthquakes Gave Us a 365-Day Year.) Today's special edition of Real Science Radio features Kevin Lea who's interest in geology has led him to monitor worldwide earthquakes for ten years and to keep his own daily database for five years of earthquake activity as reported by the USGS. Kevin Lea, a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power program who later worked in the nuclear engineering department of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, now pastors Calvary Church in Port Orchard, Washington. Bob asks Kevin:

- Why did ancient cultures use a 360-day calendar?
- Why did early mathematicians divide a circle into 360 degrees?
- Why did the Earth's rotation speed up from 360 to 365 days per year?
- Why is there so much liquid rock in the earth?
- Why are there 40,000 volcanoes in the Pacific rather than in the Atlantic?
- Why are so many ocean trenches in the Pacific and not in the Atlantic?
- Why does the center of the Pacific trenches lie opposite of the Mid-Atlantic ridge?
- Why are there so many earthquakes away from plate boundaries?
- Why does the hard data from GPS stations show that the crust does not move as predicted by plate tectonics?

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