Repub. Judge Strikes Down Marriage in California

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* G. H. W. Bush Judge Strikes Down California Marriage Prop 8: Republican judges write many of the most horrendous opinions, including Roe v. Wade itself, the claim that the phrase "under God" is unconstitutional, and now the striking down of California's defense of marriage Proposition 8. George H. W. Bush nominated the Prop-8 federal judge Vaughn Walker, for whom all Republican U.S. Senators voted for confirmation. That so many of the most destructive opinions are issued by Republican judges is consistent with 20 years of Bob Enyart Live observations, and include the Dover, Pennsylvania case by a George W. Bush judge who ruled viciously against telling students that they were created, and the Republican judges at every level who voted to starve to death Terri Schiavo.

* Pastor Asks Lay Folks To Ask Pastors To Help Amendment 62: Pastor David Meek of the Assemblies of God Glad Tidings Church in Greeley joins Bob Enyart in studio to talk about the news and the latest in the battle for the innocent and for the Lord.

* Today's Resource: According to Brian Enyart, "My Bob Enyart's Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Biblebrother's best Bible study resource is Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible. Learn how to use tools of interpretation as you study the Bible. And as importantly, Bob will discuss the principles involved for prioritizing these hermeneutics and how to decide which tool to use in which instance. So you can join Bob's Hermeneutics Seminar via CD and it's almost like you are there. Just click on the CD image label (or here) to enjoy our Bible seminar including the same notes handed out to the attendees and see the slides Bob displayed during this great event at Denver's historic Brown Palace. So you're invited to try out Bob Enyart's Hermeneutics teaching just by clicking or by calling the BEL studio at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278)!

* Meet Walter Hoye: at the Amendment 62 event at Church in the City with pastor Michael Walker, 7 p.m. Friday August 6th at 1580 Gaylord Street in Denver (a block east of York on E. 16th Avenue). Also meet Leslie Hanks, A62 co-sponsor.

* Every Sat. AM & Wed. PM Lit Drop with Bob Enyart: Come on out Wednesday evenings at 5:30 and Saturday mornings at 7:30 to have a great time passing out literature in a neighborhood. Meet Bob Enyart for coffee at the McDonald's on 58th Ave just east of Kipling (and north of I-70). Bob will have the Amendment 62 Personhood Talking Points fliers, door hangers, and precinct maps for each person. We'll divide the precinct into sections, and have a great time working as a team. Many hands make for light work. And if you'd like to have us help do a lit drop to cover your precinct, then join us for a couple weeks, and we'll put your neighborhood on the schedule!