Former CRTL Director Greg Golyansky

* U.S. Senate Primary Between Ken Buck and Jane Norton: Tomorrow is Colorado's primary. The Republican's U.S. Senate race between Ken Buck and Jane Norton has revolved partly around a former Colorado RTL board member, Greg Golyansky. Jane Norton has dragged Golyansky's name through the mud in an effort to smear Buck. Golyansky is a pro-life member in good standing with CRTL and Jane supports killing some children, as her own website states. (An "exception" is a euphemism for a child intentionally killed, and her "exceptions" are a window into Jane's soul.) Golyansky was a law-abiding gun dealer who was railroaded by Democrat Tom Strickland working for the Clinton administration, to make a name for himself after the Columbine massacre.

* Charges Dropped; Sentenced to One Day... of Probation: Democrat Strickland hit Greg Golyansky and his employees with 111 charges of gun violations, all of which were eventually dropped in exchange for a misdemeanor plea bargain. The judge slapped the prosecutors harder than the defendant, by sentencing Greg to only probation, for just one day. Bob Enyart notes: "I've received a stiffer sentence from a Denver court for my conviction for conspiracy to loiter." No joke. Greg and his brother are Jewish immigrants from communist countries, and when they arrived in America, they celebrated our God-given right to bear arms by working seven days a week in their business selling guns, only after each sale was approved by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.

* (Still) Waiting for Jane Norton to Make Things Right
: When Jane Norton publicly endorsed Amendment 62 (Grand Junction Sentinel; Ari Armstrong; Huffington Post), the staff here at Bob Enyart Live was thankful and surprised, because Jane's public position has only been that she supports killing some kids. So BEL decided to wait while various Republican leaders in the state and pro-life activists asked Jane to change her website to reflect her new commitment to protect unborn children as demonstrated by her endorsement of Amendment 62 which defines all tiny children as persons, and none of the as "exceptions" who can be intentionally killed. However, Jane Norton has refused these requests and thereby demonstrates that she lied when she and her campaign stated during the primary that she endorsed Amendment 62. BEL was disgusted by Jane Norton's exploitation of a false smear against Ken Buck, who helped out Greg during the Democratic railroading of pro-life Golyansky, who is also a public advocate for low taxes (Colo. Union of Taxpayers vice chair) and all-around defender of our rights.

* Jane Norton Refuses to Help Colorado RTL Protect All Children by Love and by Law: Why does Norton defend the killing of some children? It is either because she denies that they are persons with the God-given right to life (which cannot be revoked because of the circumstances of their creation), or because she knows that each tiny child has a right to life but Jane sees them as expendible to her ambition to hold high government office. In contrast, on KHOW radio, Ken Buck said that he's against abortion even for rape and incest, because as he said: If it's a person, you don't kill him for the crimes of his father.

* Interview with a Gun Rights Activist: Dave Kopel, with the Independence Institute and the Cato Institue, confirmed the unjust railroading of Golyansky by an agenda-driven Clinton prosectuor, and he strongly criticized Jane Norton for using such a miscarriage of justice to smear her primary opponent Ken Buck who had played a role in helping Greg. Knowing that Kopel had written in National Review in 2003 that, "If not for gun control, Hitler would not have been able to murder 21 million people," Bob Enyart asked Kopel to issue an opinion in an ongoing feud he has with KHOW's Peter Boyle over the German confiscation of guns. "When I mention on air that Germany confiscated guns from many of the people that they later rounded up and murdered, by the millions, Peter Boyles goes on the air and out of the blue rants that the NAZIs didn't confiscate guns. That this is a false historical claim. Then a few years ago, I followed up with Peter and gave him documentation that the Germans confiscated guns (for example) from Jews; and he actually corrected himself on the air about this, but has since fallen into his old error, and as recently as two weeks ago again repeated his rant against the statement that NAZIs confiscated guns." Kopel stated that he does not get up at 5:00 a.m. to listen to everything Peter says, and so he doesn't know what Peter has stated on this issue. And then Kopel confirmed that the Germans confiscated guns from Jews, and used gun registration rolls in countries they occupied to confiscate guns from their opposition.

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