RSR: Honey Baby and Discover Mag's Phil Plait

Disc. Mag astronomer against Psarris using term evolution, even though...* Real Science Radio on Honey, Babies, and Phil Plait: RSR co-hosts Fred Williams, with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, have fun on this episode of Real Science Radio talking about the topics below from the latest issue of Creation magazine from Fall 2010. Also, they chuckle over the accusation leveled by Discover magazine blogger evolutionist Phil Plait who accused Creation Astronomy's Spike Psarris of being deceptive because he uses the term "evolution" to describe naturalistic astronomy for, as Plait wrote, "evolution has nothing to do with astronomy." So, Spike knocks it out of the park by showing the covers of nine astronomy texts, each one with the word evolution in their titles, such as Solar System Evolution. :)

* Update: Phil Plait has responded. Stay tuned... On his arbitrary objection (which he does not apply to believers in the Big Bang) that the word "evolution" can only be used for a "change in frequency of alleles", of course that would invalidate the use of the term by physicists, cosmologists, etc., who have faith in abiogenesis, which they refer to as chemical evolution, and also invalidate the use among astronomers of the term "chemical evolution" to refer to the claim that the elements in the periodic table were produced in the Big Bang (and in susequent populations of stars). Nonetheless, regarding the absurd moon landing myth, of course we're grateful to Phil for his Apollo Moon Hoax page which helped us produce our own program.

Works of literature* Analyzing the Great Works of Literature -- Via Spelling: Consider Phil Plait's summary explanation for biological evolution, which allegedly generated all of life's diversity. Plait claimed that the origin and diversification of species (genus, family, order, phylum, etc.) that is, neo-Darwinian evolution, is all about a "change in frequency of alleles", or, variations in genes. (This same claim arose when RSR debated atheist AronRa.) This "change in the frequency of alleles" explanation of life's diversity is as insufficient an approach to understanding life as it would be to attempt to comprehend the evolution in the great works of literature by focusing on spelling variations.

*  One Dead Protein: Bob Enyart points out that even if a trillion universes all pulled together to overcome the odds of a protein forming and folding by chance, and natural processes produced the first protein... so what? All you'd have is a single, non-living protein.

* Bob and Fred Recommend Subscribing to Creation Magazine: Consider:
- Yale shows that babies are born with a rudimentary understanding of physics, math, and morality. (2012 Update: 60 Minutes segment on babies.)
- Archaeologists uncover the world's oldest honey bee farm in the land "flowing with milk and honey"
- Youth abandon Christ due to a lack of teaching on creation (and godless schools exacerbate the problem)
- Bone microstructure hasn't changed through tens of millions of years of alleged evolutionary history
- Walt Brown recognized as first scientist to publish a tectonic model of the global flood

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Real Science Radio on the periodic table* RSR's Favorite Periodic Table: Atheist Michael Dayah developed the web's coolest interactive periodic table of elements. We invite you to enjoy his while you pray for Michael! (And don't forget to fiddle with the slider.)