Captain Caucus

* To Live and Die in Denver: Fifty years ago a woman in Denver tried to arrange an abortion but was turned down by her doctor. The daughter that survived later led her mom to salvation, and is still a witness for Jesus Christ wherever she goes. That mom, Mary Henning was led in her later years to the abortion mill in Denver and was a faithful witness there, holding her sign that read, “Please don’t, we can talk” for all the moms going in to kill their babies there. Mary is now at the side of the Lord asking, “how long oh Lord, until you avenge the blood of the innocent?” (Rev. 6:10) Mary Henning’s memorial service will be held this Friday, March 19th at 4pm at Redeemer Temple in Arvada, Colorado.

* Sarfati’s Dilemma:Well, actually it’s Richard Dawkins' dilemma, but Sarfati’s name is so much more mellifluous... Premier creationist author Jonathan Sarfati challenged Dawkins to a debate while they were both in Melbourne Australia, but Dawkins ducked him, (proving that it doesn’t matter how big or small the creationist’s platform, Dawkins ducks ‘em all)! But Sarfati’s agent has contacted Bob Enyart Live to schedule an interview on Jonathan’s intriguing new book, “The Greatest Hoax on Earth”. Should be an interesting interview coming soon on Denver's AM670 KLTT and right here at KGOV!

* Perhaps She’s in the Caucuses…:You know, like Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan… A Republican Precinct Captain is missing on the eve of the Colorado Caucuses. Doug discusses the disturbing details, and Bob talks about the dangers of tax resistance groups and strategies.

* Obama Trips to His Right:This week in an interview with “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh Barack Hussein Obama revealed his support for a DNA database to be maintained on all individuals arrested. Bob discusses the right to privacy verses the right to anonymity as guest host Doug McBurney marks the date, March 15th 2010, the day Barry came closest to being right about anything, (and then Bob corrects Barry’s position).

* Personhood is the most important human rights movement of your lifetime. Will you be one who fights to end the systematic dehumanization and murder of an entire class of citizen? Or will you stay in your comfort zone? If you live in any state in America, you can advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways. If you live in Colorado join the "curing period" effort by calling or e-mailing Personhood Colorado or Colorado Right to Life and letting them know how many signatures you can get.

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