Earth To Disney: Kids Film Directed by Convicted Child Molester

* It Makes You Sick To Your Stomach: It makes you sick to your stomach how Hollywood sexualizes underage girls. Right? If not, please don't listen to this show. Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney discuss the headlines including the new study of Hollywood's sexualization of underage girls.

* Disney Normalizing a Child Molester: Disney’s aggressive promotion of homosexuality is likely what led them to help the convicted child molester Victor Salva produce his movie Powder. The court proceedings revealed that Salva had videtaped himself molesting a young boy. In his movie, just after a scene in a boy's locker room shower, his main character is beat up just because he's different. Imagine the double-standard outrage that would exist if a church had hired a convicted child molester to make such a film.

* 2018 Update: From

Walt Disney Studios giving a platform to a convicted child molster to direct "Powder", Victor Salva's (essentially autobiographical) film that argues that people (like him) are hated just because they are different. (The main character gets beat up just after a scene at a boys' locker room shower.) With Disney on his resume and still at it 21 years later, molester Salva has gone on to direct his own franchise with his latest film released in 2017 after removing a scene that disgusted even Hollywood film reviewers for its justification, "Can you blame him?" of an adult wanting to have sex with a 13 year old child. Then in 2018 Disney's effort to mainstream a child molester has come home to roost as they fire James Gunn, their billion-dollar Guardians director,  for his earlier "joking" tweets about sex with children, the kinds of things that Salva actually videotaped himself doing.

* Bob Enyart is looking for funding to build BEL's website. Time Estimate: 3 month project. Create a top-ten list of examples of what Christian and conservative families do not want in children's movies using actual video clips of each, all embedded on the site's homepage. We will include examples from movies that are light entertainment of anti-christian bias, sexual immorality, rebellion against parents, hatred between siblings, etc. We will take these examples from movies from various Hollywood production houses including Disney. The sight would include information on Disney’s aggressive promotion of homosexuality which led them to help the convicted child molester Victor Salva produce his movie Powder. And recall also the movie version of Horton Hears a Who? which mocks homeschool moms. 2011 Update: A Disney Channel composer is charged with distributing child pornography.

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