Global Warming Saves Gulf From Spill

* Microbes in Nice Warm Gulf Water Eat Oil: and that's making the oil disappear. And the storms that we're told result from global warming have churned the gulf waters so much that they have increased the evaporation rate of the spilled oil. As a result, Yahoo! News and the New York Times say the claims of environmental disaster in the gulf have been overblown.

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- Antarctic ice increased by about 770,000 square miles (which slightly lowered sea level)

Late-breaking news: UN panel: New taxes needed [to save the world]
BONN, Germany – Carbon taxes, surcharges on international air fares and trade, are being considered by a panel of the world's leading economists to raise $100 billion a year to fight [the boogeyman] climate change. British economist Nicholas Stern told [an international team of boogeyman experts] international climate negotiators Thursday that government regulation and public money also will be needed to create incentives for private investment in [this fight for the very survival of mankind] industries that emit fewer greenhouse gases. In short, a new industrial revolution is needed to [protect] move the world away from [the boogeyman] fossil fuels to low carbon growth, he said.

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