Postal Clerk Rejects FRI Newsletter

* Postal Clerk Rejects FRI's February Newsletter: Bob Enyart talks to Dr. Paul Cameron about the Colorado Springs postal clerk who so opposes Christian teaching that he rejected for mailing the Family Research Institute's February newsletter! Bob and Dr. Cameron also discuss the great dangers of the immoral homosexual lifestyle, and reminisce about the years in which FRI and BEL correctly warned the homosexual community that AIDS was a homosexual disease and would not become a pandemic in America, and after taking extreme condemnation for that over 15 years, today the Centers for Disease Control (aka The Seedy See) admit that AIDS is not a disease that targets the general population. Dr. Cameron also agreed that over the last few decades the tolerance of homosexuality by the media (including as mentioned by Bob, Denver's talk show host Peter Boyles) has led to the tortured deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions of people around the world, whereas while homosexuality was a criminal offense in America and in much of the world for centuries, millions of people were thereby protected from the many-faceted destruction that comes with that behavior.

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