Where there's smoke, there's a Koran

* Cultural Intimidation and Rank Hypocrisy: Bob Enyart and Jo Scott talk about Pastor Terry Jones' planned burning of the Koran tomorrow, on 9-11:

- Rank Hypocrisy: exposed in the most irrefutable way! The blatant hypocrisy of the media and our government in expressing outrage and condemning the Florida pastor while they did nothing but smirk, and mock, and defend celebrities, artists, musicians, playwrights, filmmakers, anyone and everyone who would mock Christianity, either by tax-subsidized "art" that submerged a crucifix in human waste, portrayal of Jesus as a homosexual, Madonna mixing Christian symbols with sexual perversion, etc. Those who are condemning the Koran bake should be asked if from here on out, they will condemn and try to stop the desecration of Christian symbols.
- Cultural Intimidation: Millions of people worldwide are afraid to express their disdain for Islam because of badly behaving Muslims who will threaten violence ranging from rioting to beheadings. When Pope Benedict XVI quoted an emperor from a thousand years ago who complained that Islam was violent, Muslims protested violently. Go figure.

- OSA's Flip Benham: Rev. Benham has been burning Korans for so long that Bob says that: Where there's smoke, there's a Koran. In 2009 the U.S. Military burned Bibles in Afghanistan, and in 2007 Muslims destroyed crosses and burned Bibles, all meeting with virtually no criticism as compared to that against Pastor Jones. Yes, condemning the child-molesting, murdering, false prophet Mohammad could put our soldiers at greater risk. Bob and Jo thank our fighting men for risking their lives, and reminded the audience that our soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom, including the freedom of religion, and the freedom of speech needed to be able to rebuke the wicked. Tomorrow, on 9-11, Flip Benham will speak in Wichita at the Midwest Personhood Conference sponsored by Personhood Kansas while his organization, Operation Rescue National / OSA will protest at Ground Zero in New York City.

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