Rerun: Enyart Exhumes Eugenie Scott rerun

* Bob Debates Ph.D. Evolutionist Eugenie Scott: An avid evolutionist vs. Bob. The debate is decided in the first round, by TKO. That’s after Bob asked the well-known scientist for any evidence that any high level function had ever evolved, like eye sight, or hearing, or flight, or mobility in general? This evolutionary scientist would offer no such evidence. Not only was Bob the only one left standing, but Eugenie Scott, (Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology and leading anti-creationist director of the National Center for Science Education), was still reeling at the close of the show. Bob would love a rematch. But Ms. Scott, who had just debated evolution on a nationwide PBS television program, ended the show stating, "Well, I don’t debate." We agree.

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.Today’s Resource: Have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning and Bob’s interviews with this great scientist in Walt Brown WeekYou’ll also love Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez’ Privileged Planet (clip), and Illustra Media’s Unlocking the Mystery of Life (clip)! You can consider our BEL Science Pack; Bob Enyart’s Age of the Earth Debate; Bob's debate about Junk DNA with famous evolutionist Dr. Eugenie Scott; and the superb kids' radio programming, Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins! And Bob strongly recommends that you subscribe to CMI’s tremendous Creation magazine!