Motherhood in Decline, Pot #1 Cash Crop

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* Cash Crops: Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney didn’t believe a report that pot is the top cash crop in California, so he did a little fact checking, only to find out that it’s not only number one in California, but in 29 other states as well. Bob pointed out that another study is about to be added to KGOV’s “What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana” page; which chronicles biblical and scientific information about smoking dope.

* UN-population & Motherhood: While the UNpoulation Division at the United Nations frets about overpopulation, we discuss a new study that indicates many of the women who say they delayed childbirth (due to economic fears related to the Great Recession), may never have children at all. See Bob's classic article from the 1990s, updated in 2014, at The war against children, and against people generally, including by the centuries-long claim of overpopulation, is waged out of rebellion against our Creator God and His instruction to us.

* The President is in Danger: Authority flows downhill... and when you have a lazy, drug addled, aloof president, his security staff is bound to reflect it, (like the recent fence jumper in the East Room, and Hillary Clinton’s ash tray “assassination” attempt back in the 90’s).

* A Bomb by Any Other Name: While media outlets are hesitant to say that the OKC beheading case, or the flying Tsarnaev sister’s recent bomb threat have anything to do with Islamic terror, they never hesitate to condemn the entire pro-life movement when an extremist kills an abortionist.

* Shocking James White vs. Bob Enyart Debate Aftermath: This 2-minute video documents the shocking aftermath involving R.C. Sproul Jr. and James White: