RSR: The Case Against Pot

RSR List of Research Showing the Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use

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Bob Enyart
Pastor, Denver Bible Church
Co-host, Real Science Radio
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* Our Favorite Hair Dresser: Bob Enyart and co-host Doug McBurney enjoy this special edition of Real Science Radio and begin by examining the deep layers of socio-anthropological meaning behind a hair-dresser disarming and beating up an armed robber. :)

* RSR Supports University of Colorado Professor on Pot: Bob and Doug excerpt the Denver Post Interview with a pharmacological sciences professor discussing some of the well known science regarding the dangers of smoking marijuana, legal or not.

* Pot Heads Abuse Minor Child: Straight from our Pot-Never-Hurt-Anybody file comes this story of an Orlando couple who forced a young boy to smoke pot until he hallucinated.

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