RSR Listeners Weigh In On Creation Debate

* Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Colorado Callers: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams members of the brightest audience in the country who were worked up about Ken Ham's debate with Bill Nye The Science Guy. Fun stuff!

* Bill Nye Heartbroken and Sickened: Creation Museum founder Ken Ham announced yesterday that a municipal bond offering has raised enough money to begin construction on the Ark Encounter project, estimated to cost about $73 million! The Associated Press reports that Bill Nye is, "heartbroken and sickened for the Commonwealth of Kentucky" because the full-sized ark construction project has received its necessary funding to proceed. For more details, see this Associated Press story, Noah's ark project in KY to move forward; Bill Nye upset about it.

* Today's Resource: Did you hear our caller mention this really, really fun debate, Does God Exist? Well, you can read this entire Battle Royale VII: Does God Exist? for free online in the center ring in the Coliseum at TOL ( Or, to support Real Science Radio (especially during our vital telethon), you can call 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) or just click to purchase a comfortable paperback to read in bed or while at the park or sitting in your favorite arm chair! Here at Real Science Radio we make you this promise: You'll love this book, or your money back! (Now, how many authors make that offer? See our KGOV for our standard, no-small-print, five-word, money-back guarantee!)

Russian Translation: If you have a Russian who friend you'd like to share this with, thanks to Olga Nellis of Texas who is originally from Ukraine, you can download our translation of the initial rounds in Russian! (If you are fluent in Russian and would like to help Olga continue the translation, please email!)

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* Ten Big Scientific Advances that Went Unused: A criticism of Ken was that regarding science he didn't take the offensive, and left unused powerful evidence like these ten enormously powerful advances in scientific discovery:

  1. dinosaur soft tissue
  2. short-lived carbon-14 everywhere it shouldn't be
  3. the tree of life demolished by both genetic sequencing and out-of-sequence fossils
  4. the fine tuning of the cosmos

  5. red-shift evidence for a center to the universe
  6. major discoveries that undermine the big bang
  7. irreducible complexity
  8. evidence of design everywhere in life
  9. layered strata from Mount St. Helens
10. Grand Canyon nautiloids and a clear statement of its flat gaps!

* UPDATE years later

* Bob's Reply to an Old Earther: You may want to read Bob's short reply below a Mount St. Helens YouTube video to Einschwein, an old-earther who commented saying that he doesn't quite get the point. And, we invite you to comment there also!