Supreme Court Follies & Road Trip Radio!

* The SCOTUS is Schizo: November 3rd, 2014, a date which will live in infamy in the long war against child killing, was the day the Supreme Court of the United States refused to listen to the arguments of Jo Scott, and allowed to stand a lower court ruling that Jo “assaulted” a pedestrian in front of the Denver abortion mill. Watch the video and see if you can spot the “assault”.

* The Circumcision Epistles: Bob is regaled by his co-host Doug McBurney with a review of his recent road trip to the badlands. A road trip redeemed as Doug listened to Bob’s audio MP3 Bible studies in the Books of Judges & the Circumcision Epistles of the Apostle John.

* Evolution Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry: …well, almost never… Listen in as Doug regales the audience with the story of Bob’s Real Science Radio Archives, and the over-arching theme that becomes obvious when you listen to the RSR archives back to back on MP3 CD, (available from 2006-2013): that no matter how many of the evolutionists cockamamie predictions or laughable assertions are proven wrong, they never apologize! They just keep on making stuff up! And it’s Real Science Radio that provides the public forum to hold them to account!). Doug was listening to RSR from 2012 starting in Truth or Consequences, NM all the way home to Denver!