Asteroid Challenges Naturalism, Supports Walt Brown

Ray Comfort: Evolution vs. God, shaking the foundations of faith* Creationists again celebrate the journal Nature: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Walt Brown on last week's report in the leading peer-reviewed science journal, Nature, on the largest known asteroid, named Ceres, which is releasing a gallon and a half of water vapor per second! This significant discovery was expected by many creationists, including all those who agree with Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory, but causes evolutionists, as usual, to go back to the drawing board.

* Falsifying the Exploded Planet Theory for Asteroid Origins: Also, Dr. Brown, PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT, mentions that basic gravitational calculations undermine the exploded dwarf planet theory for the origin of the asteroid belt, as illustrated by the observtion that such a planet made completely out of TNT, if exploded, would not disperse but immediately reform by the mutual gravitation attraction of its matter.

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