Bob Enyart on the True Political Spectrum

cover of MP3 CD of God's Criminal Justice System seminar* What Is the Actual Political Spectrum? (See our classic charts just below and hear this also on a 2010 BEL program.) presents the true political spectrum wherein extremes never meet and the size of government is only incidental. Authority flows downhill and that realization enables a Christian to provide a truly useful analysis of various forums of government. From a constitutional monarchy on the right through aristocracies, republics and democracies, to anarchy on the left, Bob Enyart observes also how such governments view property, faith, origins, and rights.

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* Political Spectrum Charts (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly): Because you've made it to a web page like this one, that tells us that regardless of your perspective, you'll enjoy looking at these three contrasting spectrum charts, liberal (economics & extremes), conservative (size), and true (based upon authority flow). First, the left-wing view...

The liberal/left-wing political spectrum chart is wrong

Next, the typical and uninsightful conservative view...

The typical conservative political spectrum concept, like the liberal concept, is also wrong

And finally, the correct understanding of the political spectrum, which is based on the direction of the flow of authority...

A valid political spectrum chart (i.e., not the typical conservartive chart, and not leftist)

(All three also appear in a single pdf.)

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* Bill Clinton wasn't the first man that Hillary helped get away with rape. Turns out, that distinction goes to Thomas Alfred Taylor. The report by the Weekly Standard is also right here at KGOV on the page hosting our BEL World Exclusive interview with Juanita Broaddrick.