BEL Now Digging Beneath Planned Parenthood

* No Embryonic Stem Cells Needed: Hear about the most amazing healing of a paraplegic since Jesus walked the earth! And he was healed by Polish Surgeons who did not follow the advice of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger to use human embryonic stem cells derived from murdered children, but used the nerve cells God put in the very nose of the man (who was created in the image and likeness of the Living God).

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* Cory Gardner Denies Christ’s Humanity: Bob reminds his co-host Doug McBurney that when Colorado Senate Candidate Cory Gardner denies the Personhood of the unborn child in the womb, he is denying the very personhood of Jesus Christ. The Bible makes it a point to document the humanity of Jesus in the womb. But Cory Gardner denies it. And the people Cory (and the RE-publican party) hate the most at the moment, (Colorado’s Personhood supporters), are the ones who love them the most. They hate abortion, not because Mark Udall makes it an issue, but because Christians in Colorado are teaching them that they cannot avoid the issue in peace. See also aka

* When They Lose the Dinosaurs: they lose everything! That’s the quote from Bob Enyart regarding the entire humanist construct that promotes abortion, adultery, homosexuality and evolution. They bet everything on the dinosaurs, and when dinosaur soft tissue proves them to be fools, they will lose everything they built upon them. They lose the millions of years, they lose the unguided evolution, they lose the ability to tell the children they evolved from animals, and the dinosaurs will once again point the children back to the Creator God.