You mean food and water? Dick Lamm: Yes.

Bob Enyart reports on his panel discussion at the University of Denver which was moderated by Duty-to-Die Dick. (2021 Update: The former Colorado Governor finally did his duty.) Lamm, a DU law professor, and a Hemlock Society board member, all claimed to support physician-assisted suicide but that it had to be voluntary, and for adults, and for terminally ill patients. Bob Enyart pointed out that none of them disagreed with Children's Hospital intentionally starving to death a four-year old handicapped boy. So, Bob called the governor a liar. To his face.

Correction: On today's program, Bob referred to Planned Parenthood's 2013 bill on crimes against pregnant women (HB 1154) as a fetal homicide bill. That was incorrect, for of course, abortionists typically attempt to take the focus off the unborn, as though he or she doesn't exist, and consider only the mother (and not her child). Thus, the law did not refer to a "homicide" of the child. However, interestingly, and almost certainly an oversight on the part of the child-killing legislators, that law does refer to the baby as a "living human being". Wow, talk about confusion on the part of the pro-aborts.

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