National Atheists Day & Craig Silverman

On today's broadcast, Bob Enyart celebrates National Atheists Day and then he airs his phone call into a competing Denver radio station in which he confronts former prosecutor and killer of unborn children Craig Silverman.

* Craig Silverman Asked Bob about a Fire at an IVF Clinic: Here's our answer...

* Also Craig, this little girl was Fed Ex'd: Snowflake Children: This baby girl was adopted, like all the snowflake kids, as a frozen embryo. A snowflake child is one of the strongest proofs that the single-celled human is a person. Little Elisha Lancaster, frozen for years, appears in an online personhood video with her mom Maria. Elisha was fully alive, fully human, and not a boy but already a little girl, at the very moment that she came into existence in a laboratory. Then, four years later, this tiny person was adopted, Federal Expressed across the country, and implanted in mom’s womb.


Bob's verse-by-verse study of James & Jude



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