RSR: Another Terrific Creation Magazine Issue

* Lowly Bug with Intermeshing Toothed Gears: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams love the report in Creation magazine of the plant hoping insect that needs greater launch accuracy than could be provided by a signal transmitted over a nervous system. God's design solution? Provide these little garden nymphs with toothed intermeshing cog gears! (The first discovered in nature.) Creation Ministries International has just published Creation 36(1) 2014. The only thing wrong with this issue is that it's missing something. What? YOU. They need you as a subscriber! And so does your family! So to fix this problem, just click on over to :)
















 * Post-show Update on Geocentrism: Real Science Radio takes on geocentrism with its claim that the Sun, stars, and universe orbit the Earth once every twenty four hours. Wow. This view, surprisingly, still circulates and is energetically defended, including with herculean (i.e., forceful yet fanciful) efforts at a scientific defense. We would love your feedback to our article at


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