Breaking: Leading Whale Fossils Faked

* Filmmaker's Bombshell Report -- Forged Whale Fossils: Bob Enyart speaks with Dr. Carl Werner about the filmmaker's interviews with the scientists who supplied the primary whale evolution "fossils" to the world's leading museums. (Which museums? Smithsonian, Carnegie, American Museum of Natural History, NHM London, NMNS Tokyo, Melbourne Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, NHM Paris). Gingerich now admits that Rodhocetus had no blowhole, fluked tail, or flippers, so what millions of evolutionists believe regarding whale fossils is based on fabricated, and fully falsified, misinformation. Hear it, read the full press release, and see it for yourself below (rather than naively accepting the Darwinist misinformation like about Rodhocetus from 

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* Today’s Resource: You'll just love Carl Werner's  Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD and his Living Fossils DVD! Want something else? Just browse the Science Department in the KGOV store for the best of the best in creation books, debates, and videos, or just call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278).


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* Richard Dawkins Whale Tales: Click to Watch Richard Dawkins spout off on whale intermediates 

* A Mammal Ate a Dinosaur & 432 Other Dino-Mammal Stories You've Never Heard: Did you know that crocodiles ate dinosaurs? And so did mammals. And did you know that scientists have found fossils of 432 mammal species in dinosaur layers? That's almost as many species as there are dinosaurs. Dr. Werner asked, "But where are these fossils? We visited 60 museums but did not see a single complete mammal skeleton from the dinosaur layers displayed at any of these museums. This is amazing." See for more and see this documented in Dr. Carl Werner's tremendous Living Fossils DVD!

* Today's Program vs. NPR's Science Friday: Once again, Real Science Radio leaves National Public Radio's Ira Flatow and his Science Friday program in the dust on a blockbuster science scoop! :)

* Help Wanted: [Update: Done!] Are you good at formatting documents in MS Word? Do you like the theology debates that Denver Bible Church engages in? If you answered yes to both of those questions, boy do we have a job for you! Will Duffy engaged in a great debate with a Pastor Jaltus. We have a pdf of the 20-page debate that is poorly formatted and we're looking for a volunteer to put it in clean and readable format so that we can promote the debate online. Interested? If so, please email Thanks! [Even though that job is complete, please just click to consider what you can do because we always need volunteer help here at BEL and RSR!]