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* June 22, 2014 DBC Message: In his Denver Bible Church sermon, The Year the Church Goes Gay, Bob Enyart began what has become our Superfluous List of "Christian" leaders, churches, and organizations supporting homosexuality. See that at

* Select BEL Definitions & Etymologies: From, among those definitions for common terms that Bob Enyart has posited clarifications, you willl find the following...
- Plant: A living biological organism having a body but not a soul or a spirit, with most being multicellular and capable of photosynthesis.
- Animal: A multicellular biological organism having a body and soul but not a spirit, with specialized sense organs and voluntary movement; excludes humans.
- Mammal: A warm-blooded vertebrate animal with hair or fur, females that secrete milk, and, except for the platypus and spiny anteater, the birth of live young; excludes humans.
- Animal Kingdom: The animals of the world collectively, excluding insects and fish (which are more likened to biological robots than to volitional organisms).
- Human being: A person, made in God's image and likeness, with body, soul and spirit.

* Eternal Life: Bob shows us what Paul taught us about our hope for salvation and the nature of the connection between our bodies and our soul/spirits.

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