Jo Scott And Guest Discuss Last Night's Debate

* James White vs. Bob Enyart -- Open Theism Debate: For various debate resources including the audio (possibly available by July 10th, the text of Bob's opening statement and first rebuttal, his highlighting methodology, and selected comments about the debate, with the first being from R.C. Sproul Jr., just go to

On today's BEL program, as Bob travels to Indiana for a creation/evolution project, guest host Jo Scott and her guest Micheal Sugar discuss the open theism debate between Bob and James White last night at the Brown Palace.

James White insisted that Bob was lifting up the qualitative (God is good, loving, personal, relational and living) attributes of God and diminishing the quantitative (The OMNIs and the IMs) attributes, which he claims "all Orthodox" Christians believe. White stresses his distrust for a God who doesn't know the future while proclaiming his trust in a God who created evil as a means to an end for His glory.

Newsworthy items discussed: President Obama was in town and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel behind Planned Parenthood. The Pro-Lifers were able to picket the motorcade as it left the hotel this morning.

In May, 2014 a lawsuit was filed against Planned Parenthood for covering up an underage rape.

Bill Gates collaborates to make new birth control chip that lasts for 16 years, containing abortifacient steroids and is able to be remotely controlled.

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