Doug's First Assignment 17 Years Ago

* Killing Gary Davis: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney reminisce about the execution of Gary Davis, (a kidnapper and murderer, and the last person executed in Colorado). After 10 years on Death Row, (during which time the killer penned a letter to a Christian supporter of Colorado Right to Life) Bob sent Doug on his first field assignment; covering Davis’ execution in October 1997.

BEL on the News: Check out this fun Dinosaur Soft Tissue article by Trey Smith, the thief who robbed the safe of the sexually and financially dirty televangelist Mike Murdoch.

* The Good News About Ebola: Fear of Ebola is causing parents to keep their kids home from the godless government schools! And while we remain firmly against the Ebola outbreak, we do acknowledge this good news, (and fortunately nobody even got sick)!

* It’s the Lesbians Stupid: Reporters ask if it’s the economy that’s caused a near 30% drop in the Girl Scouts membership over the past decade. We assert that it’s more likely the abortionists, homos and lesbians!

* Lesbian Mayor Get’s the Gospel: Last week Doug and Bob pledged to send Houston’s lesbian mayor Annise Parker sermon notes from Denver Bible Church, (knowing that it would be the best chance for her and her lawyers to hear the gospel since grade school). Now Mike Huckabee has taken a page out of our book, and is asking pastors from across the nation to send Annise their sermon notes! We thank Huck for acknowledging our evangelical suggestion and encourage pastors to send these heathens as much of the Gospel as they can!